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In our previous blog post, we discussed the first four steps in the recruitment and selection process. 

These included the verification of the job description/profile, drafting an advert and where to advertise, and screening and shortlisting candidates for the interview.

We now continue to the next steps:

5.  Interview

There are a few decisions you need to take in terms of the interview process in your business. These include:

a) Will interviews be conducted telephonically, via video conferencing (such as Skype) or face-to-face?

b) Will interviews be conducted one-to-one (with only one interviewer and the applicant), or will you make use of an interview panel with a number of panel members?

c) Will only one interview be required, or will your process provide for multiple interviews (first interview, second interview etc.)?

As an interviewer, you need to prepare thoroughly for the interview. This includes making logistical arrangements (for example arranging the venue, parking etc.), studying the contents of the applicant’s CV and preparing interview questions.

If proper preparation is not done, your results will suffer!

6. Further assessments and reference checking

Once interviews are completed, some businesses send candidates for assessments. These assessments may include psychometrics and medical assessments (depending on the job requirements).

Reference checks should also be conducted, where previous employers are contacted to verify certain information. (Remember to get permission from the candidate first).

7. Final selection and extending a job offer

Based on all the information you obtained during the course of your process, you are now ready to make your final selection, by choosing the candidate that best matches the job requirements.

A job offer is now extended to the preferred candidate. The offer should include details such as the job title, starting date, main responsibilities, place of work, working hours etc.

It is a good idea to make the offer subject to the candidate having provided you with accurate and honest information during the recruitment process.

8. Welcome on day 1

The final step in the recruitment process, is welcoming your successful candidate into your business on their first day of work.

A proper on-boarding process is essential, as this will set the tone of the employment relationship going forward (more about this in another post!)

Until next time!


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