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In our previous blog post, we discussed the groundwork that needs to be done prior to starting the recruitment and selection process in your company. This included analysing your business to understand your needs in order to determine who and what exactly you are looking to recruit.

Building on that foundation, let’s have a look at the actual recruitment and selection process most employers follow:

1.  Verify the job profile / job description

In order to source the most suitable candidates, you must know what knowledge, skills, experience, attitudes, values and legal requirements you are looking for. These should all be documented within a job profile or job description.

2.  Draft an advert

Using the information contained in your job profile / description, you now need to draft an advert, setting out the main tasks the successful candidate would be expected to perform, as well as the minimum requirements (education, knowledge, skills, experience etc.) you are looking for.

The content of the advert is critical, as this should attract the right caliber applicants, but not be seen as discriminatory or unfair.

(More information on “Tips for writing an advert” in another blog post)

3.  Identify sources of suitable qualified candidates and launch a search

Once your advert has been drafted, you need to decide where the most appropriate place will be to source suitable candidates. These sources may include job portals, recruitment agencies, networks and social media.

The more targeted you are in your search, the better the pool of candidates who apply for the position will be - which will ultimately lead to a better placement.

4.  Screen and shortlist candidates

Once applications were received, you need to identify which applicants best meet the requirements set out in the job profile and advert. Applicants are therefore matched with the minimum educational requirements, minimum years’ applicable experience and other knowledge and skills listed.

Shortlisted candidates are then invited for interviews.

Look out for our next blog post, where we will continue with the rest of the recruitment process.

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