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In our previous blog post, we discussed the first four steps in the recruitment and selection process. 

These included the verification of the job description/profile, drafting an advert and where to advertise, and screening and shortlisting candidates for the interview. [Read More…]

THE RECRUITMENT PROCESS - Part 1 ~/?x=entry:entry171127-035454 2017-11-27T03:54:54+00:00 2017-11-27T03:54:54+00:00

In our previous blog post, we discussed the groundwork that needs to be done prior to starting the recruitment and selection process in your company. [Read More…]

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A big challenge manager often face are getting the right person in the right job from the get-go. [Read More…]

Representation at the CCMA – anyone can represent you as long as the Commissioner uses his discretion to allow it. ~/?x=entry:entry170220-050622 2017-02-20T05:06:22+00:00 2017-02-20T05:06:22+00:00

I have represented both the employer and employee at the CCMA and other Bargaining Councils and saw how unfair Rule 25 of the CCMA Rules could be in respect of representation, leaving both the Employee and Employer without their choice of representative to manage and lead their own case although they do not have the required skills for arbitration.  This situation will change in light of a recent decision by the court in The Casual Workers’ Advice Office and Others v CCMA and Others. [Read More…]

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Misconduct and discipline - Introduction of series of posts

Misconduct: How to prove your case at a disciplinary and arbitration, some general principles.

Often when I chair disciplinary hearings I am confronted by an employer who knows what he wants to prove but not how to achieve it, or what process to follow in order to comply with legislation.[1]  This series of articles will focus on what you need to prove and how to prove it in a disciplinary hearing or even at the CCMA[2] or bargaining council. [Read More…]